Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cold and Windy J Tree

As the title of this post suggests, it was a cold and windy weekend out in the desert. Cody and I arrived at Intersection Rock and were happy to that find Toe Jam and other classic trad lines were empty. We soon discovered why. As if the 30 degree weather was not enough to convince us to climb in our puffies, a not so gentle 40-50 mile wind storm threatened to blow us off the climb.

We switched gears and tried out some pebble wrestling at the pig pen boulder in hopes of some protection from the wind. We had no such luck but bumped into a group of old friends from San Luis Obispo.

Misery loves company. Belyn battling the end of Pig Pen (V4). PC: Sami Hawkins.

Cody, earning style points for the drop knee on Chili Sauce (V7).

Belyn starting up White Lightning (5.7)

Sami on a mock lead of the classic, Sail Away (5.8)

Belyn crushing the test-piece, Heart of Darkness (5.11). PC: Sami Hawkins

Despite the alpine like conditions and "why the fuck am I doing this" thought that seemed to permeate the entire weekend, we managed to have lots of fun as always.

- Itai

Friday, December 30, 2016

Red Rock Canyon

Cody and I returned to Red Rock Canyon for some sandstone bouldering for our new winter time tradition. This seems to be a tradition not just for us, but for about 10,000 other climbers so we started off the trip high above the Kraft area boulders to escape the crowds on Bitch Slap 5. This route is a fantastic power endurance test piece and certainly deserves its three-star rating in the guide book. After working through the beta in my head I pulled off a flash, not a bad start to the trip.

Cody working the moves on Bitch Slap 5, (V9)
Cody warming up at the crag.

Cody on the opening moves of Slice n' Dice, (V9)

Cody warming down on the Monkey Bar boulder.

Itai sending Americana Exotica (V10)

Kyra Condie sending Lethal Design (V12)

We felt pretty worked on our last day but I was still able to muster up the energy to send American Exotica in the heat of the noontime sun. I then worked out all the beta on Lethal Design but will have to return fresh to tick this climb off. I'll also need to train my endurance.

Hope to get out there again soon.

- Itai

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Joshua Tree

Itai and I headed out to Joshua Tree for a quick day trip on Sunday. Our main objective was to find and try out a project located somewhere beyond the Phantom Carter Boulders near the entrance of the park. We ended up spending the vast majority of the day hiking around and feeling completely lost. The boulders were nowhere in sight, and the guidebook was no help.

However, during one of our pit stops, I managed to snag a send of Blood Diamond (V10) - a redeeming quality to an otherwise frustrating day. This beautiful problem follows a thin seam from start to finish, and requires some crimp strength and willing tendons. Highly recommended.

Me working on Blood Diamond (V10)

The send go...

Itai showing me the beta by repeating the problem ;p

With about 45 minutes of daylight left we decided to throw in the towel on finding this incognito "project", and spent some time messing around on roadside boulders. 

I guess sometimes it's more of a hiking trip than a climbing trip, but that's okay too.

- Eden

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This past weekend Jovanna and I headed up to Yosemite to camp, hike, climb, and enjoy the outdoors. On Friday we dedicated the first half of the day to sampling the Tuolumne Meadows granite before heading to Lake Tenya to cool off.

Holding the crux deadpoint on Detached (V8)

Me on The Flakes (V1)
Jovanna, enjoying the view after topping out her first outdoor V1

Can't wait to come back here in fall!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Lincoln Woods

What's a vacation without climbing?

I planned a trip to visit Ike in New York City and of course a quick trip to Lincoln Woods was in part of the itinerary. I had heard of the area from Ike over the past few years and have wanted to check it out ever since. What the woods lacked in good temps, they more than made up for in beauty. Lincoln Woods in spring time is not a bad place to spend a day.

The fine grained yet sharp granite put us all in our place as we ran the classic circuit. I'll have to return to try some of the tough ones.

Thanks for playing tour guide, Ike!

- Itai 

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Cody and I headed up to Tramway for the day to escape the city and grab some granite. 
Below are a few pictures to help sum up the day! 

Standing on the Head of the Dragon

Cody making his way up Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (V7)

Cody working out the moves on Steep Sharma Arete (V10)

Me, dialing in the the upper crux of Black Mamba (V12) 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Snowy Tram Trip

I met Alex, Hank and Adam out at the warm up area just off the trail. We planned on a lazy day trip and got a late start. It was still cold in the noon time sun as we made our way to the Dance Floor area to test our fingers on some of the classics. Some snow could still be spotted on the ground from the previous storm.

Adam, sporting the man-bun on Standing On The Head Of A Dragon, (V4).
Hank getting some air under his feet on White Flight, (V3).
I felt warmed-up and gave Stretch Armstrong a practice lap before attempting the sit down start. Unfortunately on my first send go I ripped out of the last pocket and landed on the pads with nothing but a flapper to show for it. Oh well.

We all agreed that our trip was over and drove down to Palm Springs to claim our consolation prize, Margaritas!

- Itai